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Web design & IT

Your website is the biggest showcase of your business

Now a days, Businesses do not only have websites, but also people who want to connect with others and the world around them in some way. With the development of the world of technology and the world of the web, one of the most important and influential topics that can expose the direction of any of your activities is undoubtedly your site.

For this reason, site design is very important now a days. There is no doubt that website design is the first step to your entry into the world of the Internet. Design is important even before content. People can feel different when they see the appearance of a website.

Depending on the type of business or activity, the colors, layout, how you interact with the visitor, the type of visitor access to you and other visual parameters will greatly affect how they feel. How to keep visitors on the website? This is one of the things that is closely related to the visual appearance of the website and indicates how much time the viewer spends on a website.

At persteam we have experience to create a quality that fits with your name and worthy of it.

Before deciding how and where to start, we suggest you try a professional consultation with us.
No matter what your business is like or even in what position it is, you need advice to move in the digital world and design your site so that you can make the right decision.

Why choose us

Responsive design

Being responsive means being able to display on a variety of devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and other smartphones. So that the images, text and buttons of the website are displayed in their place and all the elements are shown in their place.


Maximum speed

Site and pages upload speed is a very important issue that users pay attention to.
This speed depends on various parameters such as the use of suitable hosting, the minimum amount of coding, the use of small but high quality images and etc.

Creativity in design

The first thing that catches the attention of users is the attractive design and eye-catching graphics of the website.
Using elements and colors will allow users to subconsciously spend more time on the site, visit more pages and interact more appropriately with different sections.

Undoubtedly, every company needs a user-friendly website to introduce its services, products and projects. Which at the same time conveys a good feeling to the visitor.

On the other hand, optimizing the content of the site, after the site is recognized by Google search engine, when the user is looking for your company’s product or service, causes your website to be displayed in search results and this is a visit for your site. And this will bring more visitors to your site and can even lead to the purchase of your product or service.

Your company website will help you to be known at a low cost, improve your business and promote your projects. Adhering to site SEO, which is a prerequisite for site design, will give your website a chance to be viewed in the highest category of Google search and will increase the visibility of your website.

The design of a personal website should definitely be according to the taste of the site owner, because he is the one who wants to put his favorite content on his website or share his opinions, news, knowledge and other interests with his visitors. Therefore, his favorite color and glaze and the way he interacts with his visitors lead us to meet his expectations completely.

Today, people tend to do their daily chores with the least amount of time and money. One of these is buying the goods they need. Thanks to the development of e-commerce, favorable conditions have been created for small and large businesses that can provide their services by designing the site.

One of these sites is online store design. Persteam Group seeks to boost various businesses and focus on customer satisfaction in terms of time, quality and price.

Website design tips

In order to have a user-friendly site and attract a large number of users, in the design process, you should pay attention to the following points


  •  Have a good goal and vision.

What do you intend to present to the audience? Do you want to sell products online or is the purpose of implementing a website just to introduce? At this stage, in addition to setting goals, you should also pay attention to your needs.


  •  Pay attention to user interface (UX) design.

The next step is to go into the details of professional site design. For example, whether the header (top) of the website always contains important information and ways to contact you or not. The combination of colors used in the website should be appropriate and attract users’ attention.

  •   Optimization of codes

The principles of coding and optimization for search engines is a very important issue that must be paid special attention to. On the other hand, using a web host from a reputable and powerful host is very important because frequent host interruptions will cause severe damage to your SEO section.

  •  Select the appropriate design group

The website design department of Persteam Group, with the benefit of experienced people and having sufficient experience in carrying out various projects, is fully prepared to receive orders from esteemed employers.

Persteam services include dedicated consulting, use of the latest website design and implementation technologies, and full support for the services provided.