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About us


After a long period of time with over two decades of experience in immigration issues and juridical consultation implemented and registered a friendly consultation services for those Iranian and non-Iranian people. We incorporate and dissolve limited companies, registering them legally to help them grow their business in Sweden. Individuals also can ask us for help in any issues about their residency, immigration, startups, taxes, insurance, bank account and many other things needed in the kingdom of Sweden or other Scandinavian countries.

Why chose us

Time management

Your time is valuable for us and we will perform our tasks in a suitable time.

Professional approach

Professional approach and behavior lead us to do our main tasks. All of our activities are being legally controlled under the country supervision.

Respecting the law

Respecting the law of Sweden caused that our clients feel free and rely on our group while we respect other country’s laws as well, considering human values.

Being fully moralistic

Ethic priority parallel to respecting the law made us reliable team with which clients are always satisfied with our services.

Who are our clients

Our clients

فعالیت های پرش تیم در حال حاضر به متقاضیان کشور های اقصا نقاط جهان ، ساکنین بومی کشور سوئد و هموطنان عزیزمان را در بر میگیرد. صدها پرونده موفق در امور مهاجرت، کسب و کارها ، تاسیس شرکت، حسابرسی و حوزه IT موجب افتخار این شرکت برای خدمت رسانی شده است. تلاش پِرش تیم همواره در جهت ارائه خدمات شایسته و درخور مراجعین بوده و این شرکت روزانه جهت ارتقاء خدمات کیفی و کمی خود در مسیر شایسته ای در تلاش است. خوشبختانه رضایت بسیار بالای مشتریان از این شرکت نتیجه این تلاش را به ثمر نشانده است.