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Contract Reviews

Whether you are establishing a Swedish company, or simply wish to close a deal or send posted employees, it is of

paramount importance to ensure that your legal documents are compliant with the Swedish legislation.

Persteam experts can help you ensure that your contracts fulfill the legal requirements.

Labor Law Consultations

Sweden is famous for its extensive labor legislation and strong labor unions. Therefore it is often necessary for foreign

enterprises to enlist professional help in handling their labor relations.

Persteam legal professionals can provide you with the advice and representation you need to ensure legal compliance and

avoid labor complications.

Immigration Services

Securing the legal work permits and Visas for yourself, your family or your employees can be difficult. Long processing

periods often act as a deterrent to international expansion. With the aid of Persteam immigration law specialists you

can save both time and money and maximize the mobility of yourself and your employees.


Tax Law Consultations

Adapting to a new tax jurisdiction, or handling the consequences of international tax liabilities,

often requires specialized assistance.

We as Persteam offer you professional, private and corporate tax advice.

Our wide selection of legal and financial services allow us to find the solution with which

best suits your individual needs.