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Painting & Visual arts courses

Persteam …

is proud to provide services in the field of holding art classes, including painting workshops, to make the applicant interested in the art of painting eager to participate in art classes and to pave the way for learning in a warm and intimate place.

You can keep in touch with our teammates and follow painting schools and training courses. You can also work with our team to hold your classes as a painting teacher.

Art works miracle in us !

It calms our souls and keeps our minds fresh and active, and what more beautiful art than painting! And what better way to learn painting than to take enthusiastic painting classes.

Painting and drawing will fill your moments with light and color, and with a magic brush, it will bring vitality and calm to your days. In the process of learning to draw, finding ideas for painting and playing with colors, you actually free your heart from negative energies and exercise your brain. The art and art of painting instills a sense of freshness and vitality into your body, soul and life.

Painting training dramatically enhances your creativity; Holding a pencil, brush or pastel and creating a design will greatly enhance your practical skills; This art strengthens your mind and develops your thinking and decision-making skills.

In fact, by immersing yourself in the world of painting, you will see and understand better, and at any age, the more you become attached to art and art education, the more you will enjoy your life and be more confident in it. Dealing with different issues in life, you can make decisions more correctly and faster.

To learn painting, it is better to first get acquainted with different types of painting styles and colors, learn the theory of color combination well and visualize in your mind which style and which painting tool will lead you to the soul of your painter.

Painting has many styles. Such as hyperrealism, surrealism, figurative, impressionism and other original artistic styles …; Each of these has its own beautiful philosophy and unique meaning. There are also many ways to create a design. Hold a brush, pencil, pastel, etc. and see which one you feel most comfortable with and what design you imagine for painting. You may be interested in the original style of chiaroscuro or you may be attracted to brighter colors such as oil or watercolor on canvas.

It all depends on your mood. However, consulting with a skilled painting teacher is also one of the important principles of starting painting. Another important point when starting to learn painting is not to compare your artistic ability with others. You have to compete with yourself. You create a work of art to calm your soul and not to compare it with the art of others. Each person has their own creativity and ideas in drawing and painting, and these differences make art beautiful.

Also, at the beginning of learning you may think that you cannot become a painter without skill or old age. There is an old saying that I cannot draw even a straight line! But you should know that it does not matter at all that you cannot draw a straight line. Even if you do not trust your abilities, you can use your creativity to create a beautiful effect. The important thing in painting and learning it is to practice and explore inner talent. Before you finish your art work, try to find your own unique way.

You have to follow a master and Imitate them at first because Even if you were born with a gift as a painter, your skill can always be sharpened. Experts agree, by duplicating a difficult piece by a master, you can train your skills as an artist and gain insight into the process of the master you are studying. Some of your imitation work might even be chosen by organizations, like the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, for an exhibition.

Persteam learning and training classes stress a certain aesthetic, like cartooning or portraiture, and can improve your problem areas rapidly.

You may benefit from doing a masterwork study every month. Choose one painting per month from a master you admire and try to imitate it.