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Company registration

Sweden has long been one of the most popular countries for immigration, and many Iranian and European applicants have been eager to obtain Swedish residency and passports.
If you want to invest in Sweden and register a company in this country, we suggest you do not miss the following article as the path and steps of registering a company in Sweden are fully and clearly described.

In this article, we have tried to answer all the questions of the applicants related to moving to Sweden to register a company and start a profitable business. Including:

Steps and documents required to register a company in Sweden, types of companies in Sweden, investing in Sweden through company registration and obtaining Swedish residency through company registration.

Types of companies in Sweden

The management structure of this type of company in Sweden is almost similar to that of Private AB. The difference is that stocks can be issued in the stock market.

Limited participation is similar to public participation in Sweden. At least two members must participate and no initial capital is required. The difference is that at least one member must have overall responsibility and at least one member must have a limited partner, and that responsibility lies in the extent of their participation.

To set up a public partnership in Sweden, you need at least two partners, which can be individuals or legal entities. No minimum capital is required to establish this type of company in Sweden. The responsibilities of the partners are generally shared with their initial contribution to the partnership.

This type of company is usually the first choice for most foreign investors. You can partner with several foreign or legal entities in your business during the registration of this type of company. You can also find out the capital required to register this type of company through our consultants.

Note: This capital is divided into shares and these shares cannot be sold on the stock market.

A proprietary company is in fact a limited company in Sweden with only one shareholder. His role is also to represent the company and take full responsibility for the company’s obligations. In order to create a proprietary property in Sweden, a minimum initial capital is not required to register and start a company.

In this type of activity, you become a partner of a Swedish company.
In fact, you do not need to present a business plan, but you must have the necessary financial ability and the cost of two years of living for yourself and your family and provide documents related to financial ability

If you want your situation to be professionally reviewed and the best route to be offered to you, Persteam consultants and experts are ready to accompany you in this process and check the best conditions for a successful and legal immigration for you.

Why chose us

Why chose us

The applicant can perspired with experienced and trusted Persteam consultants to find out the exact costs in the company start-up process, recent Swedish economic rates and indicators and investment standards (including inflation, corruption, risk of property confiscation) so that they can get the best results in strengthening their workflow.

Benefits of registering a company in Sweden

• Allocate special facilities for investors in the form of loans
• Low risk of company registration and investment
• Having a political and legal system with appropriate conditions
• Having an active and dynamic economic system
• Appropriate tax system and income
• Member of the top 10 economies in the world
• Business expansion in Europe

Costs of registering a company in Sweden

Normally, in order to start any business, you need to spend some capital on registration and start-up costs.
These costs may include the cost of building a company or renting a property to build a company, the cost of registering a company in the offices of the destination country, and registering a brand.
And all this must be paid to the government of that country. The investor must have initial capital in his business plan, and this action will lead to a residence permit in Sweden, if the person proves that 50% of the business belongs to him.