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Immigration affairs

Immigrating to Sweden is possible through the following methods:

As its name implies, is suitable for investing in Sweden for those individuals and families who can set aside the equivalent of $ 150,000 to do so and transfer that amount to Sweden and invest in the business.

There are two ways to transfer such an amount.
Transfer $ 150,000 to this country or go through the registration of the company in several steps, which are discussed in detail in different sections of the website.
Click here for more information and how to build a successful business.

In the beginning, in order to register a company, you must present your field of activity to the government in the form of a business plan. And if the government agrees with your business plan, you can register the company and start your economic activity. To convert temporary residence to permanent residence, the company must be active and pay taxes. Only then, after a few years, can you apply for permanent residence and finally apply for citizenship and a passport.

In order to get a residence permit in Sweden through work, it is necessary for an employer in Sweden to send you a job offer in order to obtain a permit to immigrate and reside in Sweden. To do this, it is necessary to advertise the application for manpower for 3 months in Sweden and 3 months throughout the European Union.

Then If no person has responded positively to that advertisement and has not decided to work in that job, the employer can apply for employment of foreign labor by contacting the Immigration Office.
In the job offer, it is necessary to announce the type of job offered as well as the amount of salary that you are going to receive during one year.

Marrying a permanent resident or a Swedish citizen is another way to immigrate.
After receiving the couple’s information and after checking the qualifications of the person residing in Sweden or the Swedish citizen, our group can be ready to carry out the immigration affairs of the authorities by receiving a power of attorney from the applicant. One of the conditions for marrying a Swedish citizen is that the person in question must either have Swedish citizenship and a Swedish passport or be a permanent resident of the country. The person in question must also be able to support you financially.

This ability includes income and the possibility of providing housing for cohabitation.
After three years of marriage, a person can apply for citizenship and receive a passport. Note that marriage is not just about proving marriage, and it must be proven that both people have lived together during this time.

Applying to immigrate through a study permit in Sweden is a good option. And especially young people can benefit from it.
Fortunately, Sweden does not have a strict age limit in the admission process. In this way you can both get a university degree from Sweden and find a suitable job for yourself.

In terms of climate, as the southern part of Sweden has more ideal conditions Universities in the south of the country are a good choice for study. In Sweden, it is possible to study in Sweden without the need for knowledge of the Swedish language and with IELTS 5.5.

The first course after high school is the undergraduate course, which usually lasts 3 years. Studying for a master’s degree, which lasts for 1 to 2 years, is also possible in many fields, including engineering.

Courses of PHD which also known as doctoral programs, which are about 4 years old, are courses offered for research.

Another possibility for student migration is to obtain a visa for one or more companions, which is an important point. Sweden and its Swedish Migration Board have made this possible for educated immigrants and their relatives.


Persteam, as a group which is ready to provide advice and facilitate migration for our dear compatriots, does not recommend refuge as a way to migrate in any way and is therefore exempt from providing advice and services to those who intend to migrate through refuge.