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Music courses

Our music courses

Persteam honored in reviving the culture and spirit of Eastern and Western music along with Persian traditional music in Swedish society.

Playing an instrument can be one of the most relaxing and beautiful moments of a human life. Just as the desire to play an instrument and learn it can become one of your most important desires, so before learning any instrument, you should pay attention to your musical taste and know which instrument is best for your mood.

It doesn’t matter if we’re learning to play an instrument as a child, being a member of a band, or learning to play an instrument.

It is important that at any age and in any situation, if we have a strong desire to play a particular instrument or learn to play music in general, do not back down and plan and strive to achieve our long-held aspirations.

The first step in learning about music is listening to it. You need to examine and analyze your favorite music more carefully so that you can get your favorite instrument and make the right choice.

First of all, consider different types of music such as classical, traditional, pop, hippopotamus, jazz, rap and listen to all music themes neutrally. Examine your taste in this area well. Then in the next step, choose your instrument that fits your favorite music theme.

For example, the piano is always considered the mother instrument. Most people who think about playing statistically think of playing the piano or a traditional instrument such as a guitar in the first place. While there are many other instruments such as stringed instruments, percussion, wind, etc. that can attract your attention more than piano or guitar!  However, the piano also has its own unique strengths. This instrument is suitable for most basic music themes and is used in most music and melodies.

In any case, your favorite instrument, whether it is a piano or a guitar, or a special percussion instrument such as a drum regiment; It’s up to you which instrument you enjoy the most and which one sits on your heart the most and plays your ears the most.

How to choose an instrument.

One of the easiest ways to pick an instrument is to go the shop and have a go at trying different ones and see which one you like the most. However, there are a lot of other factors to consider when choosing a musical instrument such as your music preferences your budget for an instrument, space it might take up, your personal characteristics, the mobility of the instrument and potential career options. Below is the breakdown of these factors according to different kinds of instruments.

Persteam has provided a beautiful opportunity for you applicants in the field of learning to play music so that you can record special and beautiful moments of playing with your master in a calm and intimate environment. Our team seeks to further promote the art and culture of music in Swedish society and the beautiful integration of East and West music. We assure you, dear applicants, that at any age and in any occupation, as long as you are interested in learning your favorite music and playing an instrument, we are a strong incentive and a reliable supporter in planning this goal for you and Let your soul be immersed in music.

You can get in touch with persteam partners on holding a variety of music and singing classes and get the advice you need.